Thursday, 22 March 2012

When Will They Blame the Humans?

I'm not a Cesar Milan fan but I can't help agreeing with this.


kanalt said...

I totally agree with the this sentiment! My grandparents had two pit bulls and they were both the sweetest dogs I have ever met! Of course many dogs would try to protect their humans if someone broke into their house or try to hurt them. I don't think that would be breed specific. That's just nature. But yes, as a general rule, we should start looking at the humans and not at certain breeds. Those dags are trained and brought up to fight and attack. That's what they're taught. Those poor puppies. Just look at this handsome guy's face - I want to adopt him right now!

Denise Mitchell said...

Kanalt you are so right. They can be the sweetest dogs and it's such a shame that certain breeds get a bad name because of irresponsible owners. In the UK the pit bull is banned because of their 'bad' reputation.
In Scotland though we are very lucky to have a 'deed, not breed' policy which I am very proud of.
The dogs I have been bitten by most in the past have been chihuahuas and Pekingese believe it or not.

klahanie said...

Greetings Denise,
Such a true statement. There are a number of breeds, classified under the "dangerous dogs act" that have been labelled and stereotyped, most unfairly. Indeed, the humans who these precious animals live with, have to be accountable.
Take very good care and thank you for your kind comment on my site. Much appreciated.
With respect and hopeful wishes, your way, Gary

Denise Mitchell said...

Hi Gary and thanks for your comment.
It is very sad when all dogs of a particular breed are classed as 'dangerous' because of a few irresponsible owners.
Here in Scotland we changed the 'Dangerous Dogs Act' to the 'Control of Dogs Act' a couple of years ago and it's much fairer. It came about because of the 'Deed Not Breed' campaign and it's a huge step forward in making sure that owners are made accountable for the action of their dogs regardless of the breed. I wish everywhere would adopt the same policy.
Hope everything is well with you and looking forward to reading more of your blog posts.

Fiona Faith Maddock said...

I'd love to have a dog but it's not practical for me at the moment. I like the way you present your blog.

L.G.Smith said...

Yes, they outlawed the Pitbulls but not the men who trained them to be violent. Makes no sense.

Denise Mitchell said...

Fiona - thank you. Dogs are such a big commitment but they're worth it. I hope that some time in the future you get your dog.

L.G. - that's so true. Any dog no matter what size or breed can become dangerous with the wrong training.